World Digital Mining Summit

21 to 23 September 2018 - Tbilisi, Georgia

Time Remaining Until Summit Begins:

Ultimate World Conference Of Digital Mining Insights and Industry Exchange

The World Digital Mining Summit will be 2018’s most exciting industry gathering in the digital mining world. This 3-day learning summit will feature 30+ speakers, 50+ mining companies, and 1000+ attendees: miners, mining machine manufacturers, mining pools and hashrate owners. An exchange of leading insights on industry development and future transformation.
 Join us and prepare to be excited, informed and enlightened!

SPEAKERS 30+ Professional Speakers

INDUSTRY 50+ Mining Companies


Key community thought leaders present insights on digital mining, industry challenges and opportunities.

Further high-profile keynotes to be announced. Express interest in joining as a speaker or panelist before 24th August. Click below.

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Main Hall




JASON ZHUANG Project Director,

LINGCHAO XU Project Director , Antpool

martha Zhang Co-founder

Olsen Su Head of Global Mining Farm Bitmain

Sharif Allayarov Head of Sales and Business development department, Bitmain

Cheng yao Operations Director, BITKAN

Marco Streng CEO of Genesis Group

Sean Walsh CEO, HyperBlock

Batyr Hydyrov CEO and Founder, Uminers

Dmitry Ozersky Managing Partner, Electro. Farm


Sue WANG CEO & Founder Mining Master

Kirill Orekhov Business Development Director, En+ Group

Beqa Avaliani, CEO & Inge Snip,Head of Communication; BIRTVI


Igor Runets BitRiver Limited Managing Director& BitRiver Rus LLC,CEO

Amaury Séchet Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer

Beatrice OCarroll Head of Sales and RM of Circle

Ryan Xu BD Director of ViaBTC

Shaun Chong Head of mining at

More speakers...

Sub Hall

Micah Smith COO of Blockchain Infrastructure Research

Denis Slabakov CEO of New Mining

Kiril Nikolov Sales Executive at Nexo

Michael Whitehorn Co- Founder & General Manager D Coin

Wei HUANG CEO of Dake Data Limited

Arutyun Nazaryan Bistox Exchange CEO

Evgeny Kaplin Co-founder and CEO, Modultrade


Tamar Menteshashvili Expread Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Ramak J. Sedigh CEO Founder, PloutonGroup

More speakers...

Summit Schedule

We are excited to announce 2018 World Digital Mining Summit (Tbilisi, Georgia) events program and schedule:

Conference Days

  • Friday - 21 Sep 2018
  • Saturday am - 22 Sep 2018
  • Saturday pm - 22 Sep 2018
  • Sunday am Grand Hall - 23 Sep 2018
  • Sunday pm Grand Hall - 23 Sep 2018
  • Sunday am Sub Hall - 23 Sep 2018
  • Sunday pm Sub Hall - 23 Sep 2018
  • Friday Sept. 21, 2018
    10:00-13:00 Hualing Hotel Registration: VIP & Group with Hotel Tickets Hotels & Preference Hualing TbilisiAddress: Hualing. Tbilisi Sea New City, 0190
    12:00-14:30 Ballet Theatre Registration: Basic & Classic Tickets Opera and Ballet Theatre Tbilisi Address: 25 Rustaveli Ave., 0108, Tbilisi
    14:00-15:00 Welcome Drink - 2nd Floor of Ballet Theatre Tbilisi
    15:00 Opening Ceremony - Ballet Theatre Tbilisi
      15:00   Schedule and Speakers Introduction
      15:15   Welcome Speech   Georgia Government Officials
      15:45   Opening Speech   JIHAN WU CEO of Bitmain
      16:15   Bitcoin Cash and Economic Freedom   ROGER VER CEO of
      16:40   Georgian Dancing Performance
    19:00 Welcome Dinner
  • Saturday a.m. Sept. 22 2018
    10:00 Opening Introduction Speech SHARIF ALLAYAROV Head of Sales and Business Development Department, Bitmain
    10:30 Redefining Value: Discover Benchmark Through Volatile Market CHENG YAO Operation Director, BitKan
    11:00 Staying ahead of the Curve - Future Opportunities in Mining MARCO STRENG CEO of Genesis Group
    11:30 Standarded Solutions for Mining Farm OLSEN SU Head of Global Mining Farms, Bitmain
    12:00 Mining with SHAUN CHONG & KEVIN ZHANG Pool
    12:30 Lucky Draw
    12:40 Lunch Buffet
  • Saturday p.m. Sept. 22 2018
    14:00 DIGICCY Mining and Scalability LINGCHAO XU Project Director, Antpool
    14:30 MINING: The Sector Needs Change: Efficiency and Liquidity DMITRY OZERSKY Managing Partner, Electro.Farm
    15:00 Explore Blockchain with JASON ZHUANG Project Director,
    15:30 Turn-Key Solutions for Mining, Upool BATYR HYDYROV CEO and Founder, Uminers
    16:00 Lucky Draw
    16:10 Tea Break
    16:30 The Future of Decentralized Trading & Asset Management MARTHA ZHANG Co-founder of
    17:00 Mining with the Change SHERA LEI COO of Rockminer
    17:30 Scaling Bitcoin Cash, Impact on Mining Economics AMAURY SÉCHET Bitcoin ABC Lead Developer
    18:10 Lucky Draw
    19:00 VIP Dinner
  • Sunday Sept. 23 2018
    10:00 ROI Revealed: The Single Best Investment A Miner Can Make SEAN WALSH CEO of Hyperblock
    10:30 Mining Opportunities in North Amercia SUE WANG CEO & Founder of Mining Master
    11:00 Platforms for Large Scale Mining in Russia KIRILL OREKHOV Business Development Director, En+ Group
    11:30 Large Scale Mining Data Centers in Siberia IGOR RUNETS CEO of Bitriver Limited
    12:00 Holistic Approach to Developing a Prosperous and Transparent Future BEQA AVALIANI CEO of BIRTVI INGE SNIP Head of Communication, BIRTVI
    12:30 Luck Draw
    12:40 Lunch Buffet
  • Sunday Sept. 23 2018
    14:00 De-mystifying OTC Markets BEATRICE O'CARROLL Head of Sales and Relationship Management OTC Trading, Circle
    14:30 Sigma Pool Presentation KHIKMATULLOEV RUSTAM CEO of SIGMA POOL
    15:00 Keeping Miners Cool: Cooling Strategies Blockchain Mining Facilities MICAH SMITH COO of Blockchain Infrastructure Research
    15:30 Blockchain and Future of Economy in the Middle East MARCO GILARDI Head of Research & Development, Unique Finance
    16:00 Lucky Draw
    16:20 Tea Break
    16:30 Future Trends of the Mining Sector and Crypto Sector RYAN XU BD Director of ViaBTC
    17:00 Mining in Georgia (Discussion of Fulcrum Abilities) GIORGI BEREZOVSKI Fulcrum LLC
    17:30 Lucky Draw - Ultimate Prize
  • Sunday Sept. 23 2018
    10:00 Norway - Ideal Location for Mining DENIS SLABAKOV CEO of New Mining
    10:30 Unlocking Mining Operation Growth with Crypto-backed Loans KIRIL NIKOLOV Sales Executive of Nexo AG
    11:00 Globally Competitive Mining Solutions in Australia MICHAEL WHITEHORN Co-Founder & General Manager, D coin
    11:30 Mass Adoption ARUTYUN NAZARYAN Bistox Exchange AG
    12:00 Sustainable Bitcoin Mining RAMAK JON Plouton Group
    12:30 Lunch Buffet
  • Sunday Sept. 23 2018
    14:00 Improving the Efficiency of Mining DMITRY NIKIFOROV Quppy
    14:30 Global Marketplace for Mining Equipment Powered by Blockchain EVGENY KAPLIN CEO of ModulTrade
    15:00 Rapidash: Mining for AI Computing and Decentralized Web WEI HUANG CEO of Dake Data Limited
    15:30 Liquidity Solutions for Digital Assets IVAN LIANG OTC director of FBG One
    16:00 Mining & Crypto Regulations TAMAR MENTESHASHVILI Expread | Shanghai Jiao Tong University
    16:30 Giving Miners A Second Source of Income RODIK MIK Direct Blockchain presenting Buddy
    17:00 The Most Profitable Mining in Europe with the WattsOn Ecosystem DENIS MAKSIMOV LLC «WattsOn»

Summit Tickets

Range of tickets available. Join the most creative minds in blockchain mining for an enlightening discussion on the industry, exchange and network with mining business and thought leaders.

    • Basic$410
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Main Event Attendance (2 days)
    • Luxury Lunch Buffet
    • Sold Out
    • Classic$520
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Main Event Attendance (2 days)
    • Luxury Lunch Buffet
    • Welcome Dinner
    • Sold Out
    • VIP$1450
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Main Event Attendance (2 days)
    • Luxury Lunch Buffet
    • Welcome Dinner
    • VIP Dinner
    • 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation (On-site)
    • Sold Out
    • Group Classic
(3 persons)$1248$1560
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Main Event Attendance (2 days)
    • Luxury Lunch Buffet
    • Welcome Dinner
    • Sold Out

Venue Address HUALING Hotel
Jozef Pilsudski Avenue, 0152, Tbilisi Sea New City
Tbilisi, Georgia

Contact Info

Sponsorship [email protected]

Media [email protected]

Ticket Help [email protected]

Online Help Telegram: wdms2018
Wechat: wdms2018

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Accommodation and Travel 

Hualing Hotel. Luxury hotel accommodation for distinguished guests at the venue of 2018 World Digital Mining Summit.


Further Hotel Accommodation:

The Biltmore Hotel 

29 Rustaveli Avenue,

0108 Tbilisi


Visa Information

Georgia provides an international e-visa service to facilitate visa arrangements for travel and short stay within the territory of Georgia.
For further information, please see:

Transport in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the perfect host city for the World Digital Mining Summit as a modern metropolitan hub providing modern and connected transport infrastructure. For further information, please visit:


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