• 08.10-10.10
  • Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt Congress Center

Conference Introduction

The Pinnacle of the Digital Mining!

During 8th-10th October, WDMS 2019 has gathered over 1000 attendees and over 30 guests to deliver the latest industry insights, high-class networking, and knowledge exchange on cryptocurrency mining.

Here is the release of lucky draw numbers. Winners please contact with your own number to get special gift package.
First round:83,124,72,74,66,3;
Second round:30,108,103,111,54,55,58,128.

Wold Digital Mining Farm Whitepaper is also coming soon.

WDMS team hereby would like to express sincere gratitude to all our guests. We are looking forward to meeting you again next year.


Jihan Wu
Co-founder of BITMAIN
Micree Zhan
Co-founder & Chairman of BITMAIN
John Ge
CEO of Matrixport
Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder & Chairman, Bloq
Marco Streng
CEO of Genesis Mining
Jun Du
Founding Partner of Node Capital
Bijan Alizadeh
Founder & CEO of Block One Technology
Batyr Khydyrov
Co-founder of Uminers
Igor Runets
CEO of BitRiver
Rustam Khikmatulloev
Co-founder of Sigma Pool
Stefan Rust
CEO of
Eyal Avramovich
MineBest LLC CEO
Professor Kuzmanovic
Co-Founder of bloXroute
Kristy-Leigh Minehan
CTO of Core Scientific
Yerbolsyn Sarsenov
Co-founder & CEO of Enegix
Haipo Yang
CEO of ViaBTC & CoinEx
Ryan Condron
CEO, Titan Industries
Zhuoer Jiang
Ryan Xu
Co-founder of ViaBTC
CEO of
Moritz F. Jäger
CTO of Northern Bitcoin AG
Hugh Tian
Co-founder of Antpool
Leon Liu
Chairman & CEO of BitKan
BITKAN VP of Marketing
Fei Li
Bo Dong
Founder & CEO of Altonomy
Thomas Heller
F2Pool Global Business Director
Sean M. Walsh
CEO & Chairman of the Board, HyperBlock Inc.
Peicai Li
Wei Yu
Tsou Yung-Cheng
Executive Director & Global CEO of RRMine
Fei Cao
Huobi Pool CEO
Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry
Board Member Cyberian Mine
Dale Irwin
CEO of Greenidge Generation
Kevin Zhang
CMO of Greenidge Generation
Joseph Seibert
Managing Group Director - Senior Vice President, Digital Asset Banking, Signature Bank
Tom Lee
Head of Research, Fundstrat Global Advisor
Cynthia Wu
Matrixport Cactus Custody
Rong Lin
Matrixport Head of Lending and Payment
Dong Yan
Matrixport Head of Trading
Saveli Kotz
Founder of GPU.ONE
Bernardo Schucman
Fast Block CEO and Co-Founder
Prieur Leary
Co- founder of Coinmint
Robert D. Collazo Jr.
Founder / CEO - Bit5ive
Dave Perrill
Compute North CEO
Romain Nouzareth
Co-founder & CEO of Canada Computional Unlimited Inc.
Zhang Rui
Head of Strategy, Altonomy
Carson Blake
CEO of SBI Crypto


  • October 08

  • 18:00
    Registration & Welcome Reception (Only for Premium & VIP Ticket Holders)
  • 19:30
    Nerworking Dinner (Only for Premium & VIP Ticket Holders)
  • Dinner Address:Palais Frankfurt, Große Eschenheimer Str. 10, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
  • October 09

  • 08:00-09:00
    Breakfast & Registration 
  • 09:00
    Conference Beginning 
  • 09:30
    Jihan Wu - Keynote Speech
  • 10:00
    Yuesheng Ge - Trend of Blockchain Industry: Inspired by the Birth of Matrixport
  • 10:30
    Jun Du - Blockchain Investment Trends in 2020
  • 11:00
    Coffee Break 
  • 11:30
    Bijan Alizadeh – Power Generation for Digital Mining: Utilization of Gas Plants
  • 12:00
    Matthew Roszak - The Future of Mining: Evolution of Hashpower
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
    Rustam Khikmatulloev - Higher Efficiency of Mining Operations
  • 14:30
    Batyr Khydyrov - Industrial Mining: Software Solution
  • 14:45
    Igor Runets - Industrial Mining: Large Scale Mining Facility in Russia
  • 15:00
    Eyal Avramovich - New Trends in Digital Mining
  • 15:30
    Hugh Tian - The Cryptocurrency Mining Instruction
  • 16:00
    Coffee Break 
  • 16:30
    Panel Discussion - Impact of Bitcoin Block Reward Halving on Mining
  • 17:30
    Anton Dek - Bitcoin's Electricity Consumption
  • 18:00
    VIP Dinner Dinner Address:Hamburger Allee 2, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • October 10

  • 08:00-09:00
    Breakfast & Registration 
  • 09:00
    Marco Streng - The Future of Mining Is Green and Redistributed
  • 09:30
    Stefan Rust - Innovating in Mining: New Revenue Streams
  • 10:00
    Sean Walsh - The Single Best Mining Opportunity For The Next 24-Months
  • 10:30
    Yerbolsyn Sarsenov - Protection of Mining Investments in Kazakhstan
  • 11:00
    Coffee Break 
  • 11:30
    Fei Li - Do the Best for Mining
  • 12:00
    Professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic - BDN: Accelerate Mining With Layer-0 Scaling
  • 12:30
  • 14:00
    Leon Liu - 2019 Evolution of Digital Assets Trading
  • 14:30
    Ryan Xu - Mining in Decade: The Promising Coming Era
  • 15:00
    Rui Zhang - Essential Financial Tools in the Changing Mining Paradigm
  • 15:20
    Wei Yu - Change, Next Decade
  • 15:40
    Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry - Regulated Investment in Mining
  • 16:00
    Coffee Break 
  • 16:30
    Panel Discussion - Traditional Finance and Crypto Finance Ecosystem
  • 17:30
    Tsou Yung-Cheng 3-Year Operation Review: How is RRMINE‘s Hashpower Assetization Management Control Market Risk
  • 17:50
    Data Center Rating & Awarding & Lucky Draw 


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Entrance & Lunch Buffet & Simultaneous Interpretation
(Limit of 500)
Premium Ticket
Entrance & Lunch Buffet & Simultaneous Interpretation & Networking Dinner
(Limit of 50)
VIP Ticket
Lunch Buffet & Simultaneous Interpretation & Networking Dinner & VIP Dinner
(Limit of 100)


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