Location: Blönduós Iceland

Capacity: Currently we have 40 MW of capacity in operations and we can grow to 120 MW.

Mining farm condition: The mining farm is professional grade; Thanks to the unique ambient conditions, with temperatures ranging between -10°C and 13°C in the average year, Iceland was the perfect location to make 100% direct free cooling possible. The air is simply filtered before flowing directly through the miners. A smart mechanism of motorized louvers and fans allows air recirculation in case the temperature is too low. However, this bears its own challenges: it required to reshape our design as we had to develop solutions for breaking the wind and protection from snow.

History running status: There are 25,000 Antminer S9 in smooth operation at present.

Available slots: 8MW is ready for hardware to be plugged in, another 30 MW of capacity is immediately on a short timeline.



Location and mining farm condition: We are located in Gardnerville, Nevada, a small town close to Lake Tahoe. Gardnerville enjoys relatively mild winters among its four distinct seasons. This climate zone has an average temperature above 50°F in their warmest months, and an average in the coldest between 64 to 27°F.
TeslaWatt has a specially designed system that uses absolutely no energy for cooling. Facilities have been completely remodeled and now include State-of-the-art dedicated cooling systems. The improvements will provide year-round low temperatures and improved overall stability. TeslaWatt’s location in Nevada is very dry. Because air is so dry, TeslaWatt can utilize evaporative cooling system. This is a breakthrough in the efficiency and operation costs of our datacenter.

Capacity: 4 MW in use

History running status: 3000 miners brand new

Available slots: 500kW



Location: British Columbia, Canada

Capacity: 1. 85mw substation, can be twinned to 170mw substation.
2. 60mw middle to low voltage transformers installed for immediate usage

Mining farm condition: 1. Has water walls (evaporative cooling)
2. Has air filters
3. Uses air mixing if hot air needed in winter months
4. Miner management fully automated with custom software

History running status: Started operations in November 2018, now running over 10,000 miners / GPUs. Mainly S9, A9 and T1.

Available slots: 20,000 available slots (for S9, half this for S17) in the building 10,000 outside in modular containers.



Location: Eastern Canada

Capacity: 170 MW by end of 2020

Availability: 35 MW in December 2019

Special features of all facilities: Very efficient building cost, Hot & Cold aisles design, Cold Canadian weather, hydro power, filtered air, close to substations and electrical dams, very high uptime (over 99%).


05-VC Mining

Location: Atlanta GA

Capacity 25MW currently condition: we use a combination of hot isles containment with exhaust and evaporative cooling. currently 6,000 Miners running you can also say custom developed farm managment software in use and in operation since 2017.
we have about 800 Avilable slots.


06-Cyberian Mine

Location: Siberia

Capacity: 6MW in use, with expansion to 10MW & 7MW

Mining farm condition: Air Cooling

History running status: We are currently looking after close to 6000 machines for wholesale, retail and soon institutional clients.

Available slots: 7MW in next 3 months, 17MW in 4-6 months time



Location and mining farm conditions: Our data center is located in the city of Bratsk, Irkutsk region, Siberia, Russia.
This region is one of the best in the world for mining due to its cold, dry climate and low electricity prices. The average annual temperature is -2 degrees Celsius, which simplifies the use of free cooling for most of the year.
Our data center is located a few kilometers from the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, a stable source of green electricity throughout the year.

Capacity and history running status: At the moment, mining equipment with a total capacity of 30 MW is operating in the data center. 85% of equipment produced by Bitmain. We continue the development of the facility, in the near future we are launching a new line for 20 MW and plan in the first quarter of 2020 to bring the capacity of the data center to a maximum of 100 MW.
In addition to increasing the capacity of the data center, we pay much attention to the development of a monitoring system for equipment, its maintenance and an increase in the operating life.



Location: Kazakhstan / China

Capacity: MineBests hosts three cryptocurrency mining farms in Kazakhstan at 20MW (full capacity), 80MW (under construction), 50MW (under construction) with plans for constructing MineBest City – a 200MW facility, as well as a 100MW data center in China (50MW Q4 2019 – full 100MW Q1 2020)

Mining farm condition: Ideal conditions for cryptographic computing activities

History running status:

  • December 2017
    Establishment of the company in Warsaw, Poland

  • February 2018
    Setting-up strategic cooperation with the local representative in Kazakhstan

  • April 2018
    Building first large-scale cryptocurrency mining farm in the south of Kazakhstan

  • August 2018
    Obtaining a specialist certificate in the field of mining equipment repairing

  • August – September 2018
    Establishing strategic cooperation with local infrastructure provider in Kazakhstan

  • January 2019
    Expansion to the north-east of Kazakhstan

  • February - June 2019
    Construction of a 20 MW facility


09-Ural Mining

Ural Mining Company is a full service mining company. It has been hosting mining equipment since 2017 and has several sites for placing miners in the Urals. The company has more than 10 MW that are filled to capacity and more than 30 MW that are in project design.

The company has more than 10 MW that are filled to capacity and more than 30 MW that are in project design.

One of our existing and present sites is located in the Ural Federal District, in the Chelyabinsk Region. The site is prepared to accommodate both ASICs and farms with video cards.

To place asiks, a container-type platform is used for street and stationary execution. In winter, the heat from the operation of the equipment is used to heat production facilities. 1868 miners are working on the site - 2,800 kW and more than 800 kW of the GPU farm. Our customers compare this mining farm with a good hotel which you do not want to leave.


10-CryptoUniverse Mining farm

Location: Kirishi, Leningrad region

Capacity: 20 MW

Mining farm condition: Industrial type triple ventilation system with polymer filters

History running status: Currently, more than 12,000 ASICs are working.

Available slots: There are always places for hosting. We launched the opportunity to bring miners in our own containers and place them perfectly. Payment of electricity only.



Location: Mjölnir DC Keflavik, Iceland

Capacity: 75MW ready and running. Expansion cababilites of 75MW more if needed.

Mining farm condition: Direct air cooling with hot/cold containment. The climate in Iceland is perfect for cost-efficient direct air cooling for Mining equipment. Average yearly PUE is 1,03.

History running status: We have been running 40,000+ S9 Antminers for many years where we operate both the Datacenter and the Miners as well.

Available slots: 5MW available short-term and options for larger installation within 4-6 months.



Location: Russia, Ivanovo region, Angarsk and Bratsk

Capacity: In Ivanovo region, the permitted capacity for use is 20MW. In Angarsk, the permitted capacity is 30MW. Bratsk is the largest mining site in Russia and Europe at 120MW.

Mining farm condition: The type of cooling used at our sites is air. In our own development-Mega Node-It is a module for placing mining equipment adiabatic cooling is provided.
All cooling systems are designed by professional contractors with a large margin.
Our sites are located on restricted territories and are protected by specialized security companies.

History running status: In Ivanovo region,currently:800 farms with 8 video cards in each;In Angarsk,there are Asic devices in the amount of 3500.;In Bratsk,the total amount of mining equipment that can be placed on the site is more than 80,000 devices.Currently,BitCluster running more than 7500 devices on this site.
Currently the total amount of devices under management of BitCluster is more than 11 000.



Location: Kazakhstan

Total Capacity: 200MW,

Used Capacity: current 95MW

To be built: 107MW

Total Capacity on planning: 250MW

The heat dissipation design of container ensure the cold and heat isolation system. The temperature of room is always between 32 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius. Besides that, the weather there is also perfect for mining.

Mining farm structure:

1. The Kazakhstan mining farms are using the container mobile mining farm idea just like Antbox.

2. multi-layer steel construction structures are using for the southwest part.

3. The northwest part is mainly composed of structure single-layer steel construction structure.



Location: Sherbrooke, in Québec (Canada); Farnham, in Québec (Canada)

Capacity: 12MW of hydroelectricity in Sherbrooke, 10 MW in Farnham, around 42MW of clean hydroelectricity available in our 5 mines.

Mining farm condition: we use air recirculation at our facilities. We do not use AC, we have fans that recirculate the air to keep our facilities at the best temperature.

History running status: in our Sherbrooke and Farnham facilities, we have the equivalent of 9000 antminers S9.

Bitfarms operates 5 computing centres in Québec, Canada with around 42MW of builtout infrastructure. Bitfarms’ strong and experienced management team is comprised of veteran industrial-scale data centre operators and capital markets professionals, focused on building infrastructure for the future by developing and hosting the ecosystem growing around blockchain-based technologies.



1. Location: Kazakhstan, Pavlodar region, Ekibastuz city;

this region produces 60% of the energy capacity of the country.

2. Capacity:

  • 30 MW in operation,
  • 180 MW under construction to be completed by January 2020 (150 MW sold out, 30 MW available January 2020)
  • 400 MW acquiring until the end of 2019.

3. Cooling for mining farm:

  • Our geolocation enables us to use air cooling

Started in 2017 with farm capacity of 0.5 MW, In September 2018 we started a farm with 4.0 MW capacity; the Prime-minister of our country attended the opening.

In December of the same year we started a farm with 30 MW capacity; with the President of our country took part in the opening ceremony

In July 2019 we started construction of a 180 MW farm, full startup in January 2020.Acquiring 400 MW until end of 2019.


16-CryptoStar Corp

Mining focus & indirect exposure: The Corporation is focused solely on the mining of Bitcoin and offers indirect exposure to this cryptocurrency using a “mine and sell” model and does not hold digital currencies.

Global operator: Corporation utilizes mining facilities in USA, Canada and Iceland with 15.5 MW of power currently online.

Aligned management team: Management team has scaled several businesses across a breadth of industries, and with insiders.

owning ~78% of the outstanding shares.

Strong financial profile: CryptoStar is dedicated to further expansion into low cost energy regions in North America and around the globe and has identified a number of new opportunities in locations with lower power costs.


17-Block One Technology

Location: Canada

Capacity: 8MW current usage, total of 16.2MW signed and to be deployed by December 2019, maximum capacity, 1,000 MW

Mining farm condition: HVAC system in all locations. Other cooling requirements are not needed due to Canada’s temperate climate

History running status: 2700 S17 and 600 T17 fully operational, additional 4000 S17s on order for deployment in November and December

Available slots: TBD


18-Canada Computational Unlimited Inc. - Clean Mining

Location: Québec – Canada

Capacity: 20 MW of Clean Energy from stable and abundant hydroelectricity. 7.5MW are available now. 12.5 MW available Q2 2020. More on this video: https://vimeo.com/361128011. Expansion capabilities of 50MW or more if needed.

Mining farm condition: High-grade carbon-neutral Bitcoin mining, no AC, filtered air and heat recycling system for a better environmental impact.

History running status: Mining since 2017, grew during the last crypto winter. Already mining with the new S17 Pro’s.

Available slots: None


19-Compute North

Compute North delivers industry-leading cryptocurrency mining solutions to help investors and miners maximize large-scale operations. We understand what it takes to keep your miners running at peak performance, and our Bitmain certified technicians have extensive experience in installing, monitoring, and repairing hardware, so you can focus on your ROI rather than worrying about all the logistics. We have built our facilities in the most strategic locations in the United States, and our new 100MW site has cemented us as a global industry leader.

Compute North TX03:

Location: Big Spring, TX

Capacity: 7 MW

Mining farm condition: The TX03 mining farm is over 160,000 square feet in size and can accommodate almost any configuration. We have on-site and logistic operations as well.

Available slots: <100

Compute North SD04:

Location: North Sioux City, SD

Capacity: 7 MW

Mining farm condition: The SD04 mining facility is located in the prior Gateway Computing campus and leverages much of the existing infrastructure. It’s a fantastic facility and has proved very reliable for mining operations.

Available slots: <100

Compute North NE05:

Location: Kearney, NE

Capacity: 100 MW

Mining farm condition: The NE05 computing campus is a large-scale, container setup built on a site that was built by the city to attract large scale data centers. It has immense power, fiber, and infrastructure and is built to the highest standards. Compute North supports a wide variety of configurations and units including repair services on-site.

Available slots: >90 MW



Location: company based out of Toronto. Current mine is in Montana.

Operating 20MW with intend to expand at current and new locations.

Our mine is cooled with only mechanical cooling. We are also developing a self contained Mobile Mining Unit(MMU) for quicker deployment and little to no requirements for additional cooling.

We have ran 13-18,000 machines at this location. Machine count has varied depending on new gen machine refreshes and or customer hosting requirements etc. Nearly all 20MW has been running since operation began.



Location: Oregon, US

Capacity: 40 MW in operation with a 100 MW substation and keep growing.

Mining farm condition: The mining farm has ideal conditions for Hash calculation.
The facility is built with hot and cold aisle design and advanced water-cooling system to maintain an average temperature between 5°C and 15°C. Mining farm close to substation and power dam, obtains sufficient hydropower, over 99% uptime. Perfect mining monitoring equipment supports remote operation and maintenance. The mining farm's modern and user-friendly design blends with beautiful natural.

History running status: 5,000 Antminer S9 in smooth operation.

Available slots: 13,000 available slots,by the end of 2019.



Location: Russia, The city of Bratsk, Hydrostroitel district

Capacity: Capacity: 48 MW ready to use with a total capacity 63 MW.

Mining farm condition: Siberia itself help us to cool your devices. Our average annual temperature is -2°C. For premise option we use active hot and cold air management based on heavy coolers with automatic dust filtering.
Both halls and containers are available. Clients with 1> device of any type of mining hardware are welcomed.

History running status: Cryptoreactor farm exists >>2 years and we run now >>10K of different types of mining devices including mining rigs.

Available slots: We always have free space for client’s devices and are able to build new really fast. You are free to come with any quantity of devices or with your own container.